Europe’s largest sand dune

The Dune Du Pilat wasn’t really on our radar until a friend mentioned it when we were in Bordeaux.  He told us we should definitely check it out – said it was pretty impressive.

I’m glad we did and as far as a large pile of sand goes it is very impressive, I’ll give you that.

The weather was wild when we arrived – it was pouring with rain which was coming at us from every angle and the wind was just crazy.  Add sand to the mix and trying to clamber up Europe’s largest sand dune wasn’t exactly easy.  We were getting battered from all sides.

2018-01-05 16.10.56

If i’m honest, i wasn’t expecting it be anywhere near as big as it was.  Climbing up about 100m of sand in mad weather is harder than you think, honestly!

Of course Eamo made it looked simple and practically ran up it.

2018-01-05 16.08.23

I pretty much had to stop every twenty steps to breathe (without trying to inhale too much sand).  It highlighted nicely just how unfit I am, wicked.  As did Eamo…

Photo 28-11-2017, 13 10 00

Despite the crap day, the view from the top was worth it.

I’d probably go in the summer next time though.


C x


Distance travelled so far: 1,428 km

Days away: 25

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