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Sintra – Portugal’s most spell-binding town

If there was ever a town that looks like it has been picked straight out of a Disney movie and dropped on the outskirts of a major city, Sintra is it. Twenty kilometers north of Lisbon, Sintra is another world completely; it couldn’t be any more different from the frantic routine of its neighbouring city.  It’s like stepping through the wardrobe in to Narnia, except Narnia is a huge expanse of luscious green gardens and forests and dreamlike castles and palaces.

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Gypsies, Flamencos and Castles in the sky

If you’ve ever been to Granada, you’ll understand when I say that not much needs to be said about this enchanting city.  An old cliché I know but, it does speak for itself.

We only spent two days in Granada but we fell in love with this place, hard.

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‘Shrooms and skinny dips

Everyone’s been to Alicante, right? Or at least knows someone that has been?

It’s one of Spain’s biggest tourist traps, particularly as it’s one of the main gateway’s to the Costa Blanca.  I half expected it to be full of expats and almost a bit too touristy, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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