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Tuscany – Pisa to Saturnia and everywhere in between

I’m pretty sure Tuscany is on nearly everyone’s wish list to visit at least once in their lives. The rolling hills with perfectly landscaped trees that dance along the winding roads, the burnt orange sunsets and captivating cities and some of the world’s most iconic buildings are probably some of the reasons for this.

Tuscany captured our hearts from the second we arrived and this is why…

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Venice – Revisiting Italy’s most romantic city

Do you know how big Venice actually is? No, neither did I. Well, let me tell you… The city is made up of over 400 bridges, 120 islands and a maze of narrow, winding streets, so don’t expect to see it all in one weekend. We had just 72 hours to see as much as we could of Italy’s most romantic city so we hit the ground running, big time.

It had been a long time since I was last in Venice, at least fifteen years and my experience of the place was much different. I was here with my parents before, I couldn’t legally drink and I didn’t have the same appreciation for the likes of culture, history, architecture and food as I do now so I was excited to be back here to discover it all over again with Eamo and two of our good friends, Emily and James.

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Why Barcelona will never get old

I love Barcelona, it’s that simple. I’ve been back to the metropolitan city a good few times now and it continues to grow on me more each time I’m there. It’s timeless with a fantastic buzz that reverberates through the city. The Catalonian people are beyond friendly, the pinchos are crazily moreish and there is so much to see and do.

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Lisbon – 72 hours in Europe’s Hipster City

Lisbon caught me off guard.  Although it’s Portugal’s capital city, I kind of assumed that Porto was the”place to be” with all the hype that surrounds it.  The Algarve is Southern Portugal’s shining star and had already won us over (and put us behind schedule by a good few weeks) earlier on in our trip. So what did Lisbon have to offer us?

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Spain’s most stunning city

Sevilla was our last stop in Spain before we crossed over in to Portugal and what a way it was to finish our eight week Spanish adventure.

We’ve seen a lot of Spain over the last few weeks, and although we have by no means seen all of Spain (or even enough), we have seen a lot.  Sevilla was different though, it simply stole our hearts.

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