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Casually frolicing around Europe for a year and generally avoiding real life

Vienna – Austria’s Imperial City

I’m not sure if you know this, but Vienna is ranked one of the most livable cities in the world. One third of Austria’s inhabitants live in this metropolitan city and apparently enjoy a very high quality of life.  With its plethora of spectacular historical buildings, monuments and gardens, and an abundant mix of trendy and traditional bars and restaurants, it’s easy to see why.

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Slovenia – The most photogenic country in Europe?

When we first discussed going travelling for a year I already knew that two of the key countries I wanted to visit were Slovenia and Croatia. Whilst Eamo has visited both on past adventures, they were both new countries for me. After spending three amazing weeks in Croatia and it absolutely living up to expectations, I was super eager to see what Slovenia was about to lay down for us.

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Croatia – Why this gem of a country should be at the top of your holiday bucket list

After an eleven hour boat journey from Ancona, Italy, we were stood outside on the top deck of the ferry at six in the morning looking at a perfectly still Split. The morning light was still creeping across the city and I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to jump in to the sea and swim to shore. I didn’t, of course…

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When in Rome…

Rome is one of the most traveled cities in Europe. It’s iconic, quite literally full of history and is where you’ll find one of the largest pilgrimage sites in the world. It’s hectic, sometimes insanely so and it’s a little grubby in places. The world’s smallest country is nestled in the middle of it and it’s often considered one of the top places to visit in your lifetime.

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Tuscany – Pisa to Saturnia and everywhere in between

I’m pretty sure Tuscany is on nearly everyone’s wish list to visit at least once in their lives. The rolling hills with perfectly landscaped trees that dance along the winding roads, the burnt orange sunsets and captivating cities and some of the world’s most iconic buildings are probably some of the reasons for this.

Tuscany captured our hearts from the second we arrived and this is why…

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Venice – Revisiting Italy’s most romantic city

Do you know how big Venice actually is? No, neither did I. Well, let me tell you… The city is made up of over 400 bridges, 120 islands and a maze of narrow, winding streets, so don’t expect to see it all in one weekend. We had just 72 hours to see as much as we could of Italy’s most romantic city so we hit the ground running, big time.

It had been a long time since I was last in Venice, at least fifteen years and my experience of the place was much different. I was here with my parents before, I couldn’t legally drink and I didn’t have the same appreciation for the likes of culture, history, architecture and food as I do now so I was excited to be back here to discover it all over again with Eamo and two of our good friends, Emily and James.

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Is Turin worth the trip?

Yes, is the answer. For a day visit at least. It’s not the biggest most spectacular city in Italy but it’s deserves a visit in its own right.

Turin was the first stop on our Italy tour and whilst there wasn’t a huge amount of attractions to visit or things to do, there was more than enough to keep us occupied for a couple of days.

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Why Barcelona will never get old

I love Barcelona, it’s that simple. I’ve been back to the metropolitan city a good few times now and it continues to grow on me more each time I’m there. It’s timeless with a fantastic buzz that reverberates through the city. The Catalonian people are beyond friendly, the pinchos are crazily moreish and there is so much to see and do.

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Porto – Portugal’s underrated city escape

Our decision to explore Porto was the result of a much-needed vote. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, we were leaving Fatima and couldn’t agree whether or not to carry on up North to Porto or make our way back across Spain to Madrid. It might sound like a bit of a no-brainer but we had taken some seriously naff weather over the last couple of weeks in Portugal and it wasn’t looking any better in the near future, so we turned to our Instagram and Facebook friends to let them decide. It was an almost unanimous vote for Porto.

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