Sintra – Portugal’s most spell-binding town

If there was ever a town that looks like it has been picked straight out of a Disney movie and dropped on the outskirts of a major city, Sintra is it. Twenty kilometers north of Lisbon, Sintra is another world completely; it couldn’t be any more different from the frantic routine of its neighbouring city.  It’s like stepping through the wardrobe in to Narnia, except Narnia is a huge expanse of luscious green gardens and forests and dreamlike castles and palaces.

We only had one day in Sintra which is nowhere near enough time to see everything there is to see and explore, but we made the most of it and hit the ground running, and yes, it was still pouring with rain again!

Pena Palace

If there’s one place you have to visit when in Sintra, it’s Pena Palace. If you’ve ever wanted to mooch around Sleeping Beauty’s house then this is pretty much as close as you can get.

2018-03-08 11.44.19

High up in the clouds, Pena Palace sits gloriously above the town and dominates the skyline.

2018-03-08 11.43.11

We wandered around for most of the morning in complete awe of this magnificent piece of architecture.

2018-03-08 11.43.45


The Palace Gardens

Garden is probably an understatement, its acres and acres of beautiful forest that we got totally lost in and it was great! There are things to see all throughout the Gardens like summer houses..

2018-03-08 11.47.32

Miniature castles and not forgetting the Valley of the Lakes..

2018-03-08 11.46.20

We climbed up to the High Cross which is the third highest point in the grounds and where you can get a great shot of the palace. Of course it was raining and cloudy when we were there so there was no hope!


Castle of the Moors

After ducking in to a cafe for a few minutes (and grabbing a well deserved cup of tea) whilst the rain lost the plot, our next stop was the Moorish Castle.  This medieval castle is perched up on the hilltop, almost parallel with the Palace and the views from the top are absolutely worth the climb. It’s the best spot to get a great shot of the Palace, but like it was when we were at the High Cross, the weather still wasn’t playing ball so here’s a very misty photo instead…

2018-03-08 11.45.26

Sadly, that was our day over and we were to move on up to Fatima the next day.  There’s so much more to see in Sintra; the Moneserrate Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, Palace of Sintra and the Old Town that I can’t wait to come back to this magical place and see everything we missed this time around.



C x


Distance travelled so far: 3,693 km

Days away: 120

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