Spain’s most stunning city

Sevilla was our last stop in Spain before we crossed over in to Portugal and what a way it was to finish our eight week Spanish adventure.

We’ve seen a lot of Spain over the last few weeks, and although we have by no means seen all of Spain (or even enough), we have seen a lot.  Sevilla was different though, it simply stole our hearts.

In December I wrote a post about Granada and how much we fell in love with the city during our time there.  Well, Sevilla is similar to Granada but we found it so much more.

Andalusia’s capital city is just stunning.  Every street, every building is steeped in history and is beautifully designed.  The architecture is second to none and the colour drenched buildings keep your eyes fixated on them as you turn every corner.

We rambled around Sevilla for hours absorbing all the sights, smells and sounds the city had to offer. There was Flamenco dancers in the street, glorious horse drawn carriages everywhere and the sweet smell of citrus in the air coming from the orange and lemon trees all across the city.


Sevilla Cathedral is a must if you’re there.  It’s the largest gothic cathedral in the world and it is huge. We love a cathedral and have visited more than I can think of but this one is something else. The sheer size and magnificence of it is something to be admired, as is the tomb of Christopher Columbus.


The Real Alcazar is another must see.  Parts are still used by Spain’s Royal Family and although we visited the Alcazar in Granada, Sevilla’s is exquisite in its fine detail and beauty.


There is so much to see and simply be in awe of in Sevilla and the more we wandered, the more we forgot to take loads of photos!


We stayed in a wonderful little spot, Puerto de Gelves, just outside the city which was right on a marina.  There was only room for about twenty moho’s and at €15 per night it was ideal.  Hook up, WiFi, water, grey and black waste dump, toilets and showers all included.  There’s a bus which runs right into the city every twenty minutes and it stops right outside the marina. We cycled in to Sevilla a couple of times as well – the path runs pretty much parallel to the river that the marina is on and is quite a nice, quick ride in.

Sevilla quickly became one of my favourite places in Spain.  It’s a perfectly sized city that you can walk, bike or get a horse drawn carriage around with ease.  There is delicious tapas and vino all around and it’s generally just a wonderfully beautiful city to spend some time in.


C x

Distance travelled so far: 3,196 km

Days away: 91

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