Over-hyped or just hungover?

I don’t know whether we weren’t in the mood the day we visited Murcia or if we’d had a bit too much vino the night before, but Murcia didn’t really rate with us on a ‘exciting city’ level.

I found it massively disappointing, especially as I’d both heard and read some really good reviews.  It didn’t help that there was a distinct lack of things open either – the Cathedral (and what a cathedral it is – its architecture is seriously impressive) was shut for private tours (what!), the Santa Clara la Real Convent was closed and the Monteaguado Castle was… well, we may have misjudged exactly where this was.

2018-01-05 16.40.08
That was about it for Murcia City Centre for us, so we had some lunch and made our way back to our Aire.

Now, the Aire we were staying on, Huerta De Murcia, was a different story.  We had a lot of love for this place.  You never really know what to expect with Aires until you arrive but this place was lovely.  Up a dirt track in a small town in Alquerias was a bunch of motorhomes all parked up amongst the lemon trees in a lemon grove.  It was great – €13 a night which included Wi-Fi, electricity, water and waste and the couple that ran it were so friendly – we even got free lemons!  Showers were €1 for 8 minutes but that didn’t bother us.  They also sell 3L bottles of red wine for €6 on site which could be something to do why we were a bit disinterested wandering around Murcia!

2 nights turned in to 4 and with that Eamo decided to venture off and find Monteaguado Castle for himself.  I didn’t join him on this one (had a washing day) but his pics looked amazing.  It’s a shame Murcia wasn’t what we hoped and there wasn’t more to do around where we were staying – if there was, we’d have definitely have stayed much longer.  Next stop Granada.

2018-01-05 18.01.02


C x


Distance travelled so far: 2,411 km

Days away: 43

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