Brandy, brandy and more brandy

You can’t tour France without going to Cognac.  You just can’t.  It’s brandy central.

Using our France Passion pass, we arrived at a brandy distillery in the middle of the Boutiers St-Trojan commune called Cognac Chollet.  After some terrifying navigating around some typically French small streets, we pitched up amongst the vineyards and the horses for the night free of charge (we later realized we had most definitely come in the wrong way, as we watched a lorry effortlessly drive off).

Photo 23-11-2017, 14 35 29

Cognac Chollet is a family run business which was established in 1977 and spans just over 10 hectares.  As well as Cognac, they produce Pineaus, Liqueurs, Wine and Rum.  It’s a shame we could only stay for the night, I could of made myself at home here!

We went to say hello to the owners, Marie and Christophe, but it turned out they were down the local pub at a birthday party, so we said hello to the Son instead who was avidly forklifting a fresh delivery of booze into his warehouse.

2018-01-05 15.41.07

Once he was done with his shift however, he very kindly opened up their shop for us to mooch through.  He also showed us around the warehouse and some of their oldest brandy which has been barreled since 1986.

Back in the shop, he proceeded to pour us various tasters of the product on sale.  The best, obviously, had a delightful price tag of €450 per bottle – we left that one well alone! We did however, buy a bottle of the pineau aperitif liqueur on offer – it lasted all of about 3 days.


C x


Distance travelled so far: 1,233 km

Days away: 20



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